Carrie Anne Photography: Senior Promo Video

Working with Carrie Anne was such a pleasure! She knew from our first planning meeting exactly her vision for her Senior Promo Video. All that planning really paid off too…I am really excited to show her video!
We met in Downtown Grand Rapids for hair and make-up at The Pearl Lyon.
Ashley Maya was amazing! It is hard to find a stylist that can do both hair and make-up well, and Ashley is one of those rare people. Our Model,AMAIA ROSS looked stunning and once she had the camera on her, she just shined. What a wonderful day!
We got to walk around Grand Rapids on the first day of Art Prize (which was awesome because I had never been before) and watch Carrie Anne do her magic.
Carrie Anne just launched her brand new website so go check it out!


Carrie Anne Photography from Jackie palmer on Vimeo.

Rock the Dress with Freeland Photography

Carrie and I are in MTPPA together. We have been serving on the board together for a few years and have gotten really close. She has been doing some really great things with her business this last year and one of them is to incorporate video into her web presence. We have worked on three videos just this summer alone. It’s always fun collaborating with Carrie. She is super high energy and I think her work reflects that.
Her Rock The Dress sessions for her Senior girls are super fun, stylized and fashionable. We had a blast with our 4 models and hair & make-up team.

Freeland Photography Rock The Dress from Jackie palmer on Vimeo.

What inspires you?

I’ve been asking photographers that question for years. But have I asked myself that question? No, not really.
13 years in the photography world and just trying to think of the next background or promotion to get clients thru the door was enough to keep my mind busy. Now, after a year home with my precious baby boy and newly pregnant with our second child, I’m asking myself “What inspires me?”
This summer, one of my goals was to shoot for myself. To be honest though, I really wanted to recreate myself. I was so sick of my style! (Do you ever feel that way?) I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I always cropped the same, posed the same and processed the same. And it was driving me crazy! I hadn’t gotten that picture high in a VERY long time.
Although all I wanted to do with my time was hang out with Jace, I did take a few days and head down to the park by our house and do some shoots. Luckily my models didn’t mind Jace hanging out with us:)


What I figured out thru these shoots is that I am a romantic. I love to make over someone, dress them up, do their make-up and hair and show them how beautiful they are. I don’t love huge smiles at the camera and I only like to photograph one person at a time. But the other thing that I found is that people are what inspire me. I like to spend that one on one time with my subject and really find out who they are. What makes them beautiful on the inside. What makes them feel vulnerable, where there insecurities lie and then let them know that they are not alone. There is beauty in that connection that is made. And then I try to capture it.

Jarmosco Photography Children’s Promo

A good friend of mine, Juliet Jarmosco of called me a few days before she was planning a trip back to Michigan. She moved to Iowa a few years back and comes to visit from time to time. She wanted to do a promo video for her website to spotlight her children’s photography. Luckily, I was free! We filmed in Grand Rapids on a chilly morning but we had gorgeous light, two little cuties for subjects and of course Juliet’s amazing energy. Really, we couldn’t have gone wrong. A special thank you to Jessie Challa for helping us get the girls. They were perfect!
My favorite part about this video is the light that Juliet radiates. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I think it really shows in her film.

Jarmosco Photography from Jackie palmer on Vimeo.

Summer Vacation

This past July, I spent about 3 weeks Up North with my family.  My younger brother and his beautiful family come all the way from Austin, TX to spend the summer with us.  It’s so hot in Texas, they come up here to get a break from the heat.  We always have such a wonderful time and this year was extra special because Jace was new to the mix!  I spend most of those three weeks filming all the things we love to do so much and this over 10 minute video is what came of it.

This project was such a joy to do!  I hope you enjoy it!

Duke Summer Vacation 2013 from Jackie palmer on Vimeo.