Danielle Coppersmith Photography Senior Promo

Working with Danielle is always a treat! We see eye to eye on almost everything which makes the experience of making a film so wonderful! We worked with the best people around too! Our Model Taryn is an amazing beauty. She is captivating in front of the lens…and she’s the sweetest girl too. While I was filming I had many moments where I was singing out loud because I was so excited by what we were getting. That’s such a great feeling! And our make-up artist/stylist/hair stylist Karrie B. was able to create Danielle’s vision of her brand and client image just perfectly.
I love the process of planning a film and getting to know my client’s vision for their business. Check out Danielle’s film below and go to her website and give her some love! www.daniellecoppersmithphotography.com

Danielle Coppersmith Photography from Jackie Palmer on Vimeo.

Baby Travis

Well things came to a halt this June, when Baby Travis decided to come 2.5 weeks early! My timeline was looking great! I had two videos to finish and 2.5 weeks to get them done. And then… Sunday morning came and things changed. My world changed that night and Travis was born just after midnight on June 30th at 12:34 am. He was 7.1 lbs and 20 inches long. He was pretty much perfect! We were so excited to meet him and introducing him to his older brother was an emotional moment for sure. When we were in the hospital without Jace there, we just didn’t feel like a family. So the reunion was special to both Tim and I.
The last 7 weeks have flown by in the slowest way possible. No sleep and learning to juggle a toddler and a newborn has been challenging. I’m still trying to figure my way thru this and I know I will be saying that for the next 18 years. I am slowly coming out of a fog and getting a couple more hours of sleep a night.
So now my biggest challenge is trying to find the time to do my films again. It’s a good challenge though and I’m thankful to all of you who are willing to work with me this fall! I’m really excited to get out of the house and have some creative me time again. And to get to collaborate with some amazing photographers is just what I need to feed my soul!

So, here’s to motherhood and finding that work/life balance!


A Huge THANK YOU to Photography By Krysha for photographing my little man! Check her out! www.photographybykrysha.com

Going thru old images

Shooting for myself over the past 13 years was something I rarely did. I always loved it, but didn’t have a lot of time to do it. As I’m going thru my old files, I’m finding that when I did shoot for myself I always photographed the same thing. Beauty.
I’m hoping this spring and summer to get to shoot some more. And also bring more video into the mix as well!

Inner and Outer Beauty

My sister in law lets me photograph her every year when they come up to Michigan. It’s a little adventure for us both. We try to do something different every year. A couple years ago it was a maternity session in the milky waters of Lake Charlevoix and two years ago we just went out to the field next to the lake. We don’t do anything super fancy but that is because we don’t have to.
Kristin is a beauty person. And I’m not talking about just her outer beauty. She has such a gracefulness about her. And actually I think she is her most beautiful self when she is not posing for my photo shoots. She really shines when she is with her family.

No make-up, hair in a ponytail. Simple and sweet. She’s so attentive to her kids and husband. She loves them so very much. Her love shines thru when her daughter needs a cuddle, when her son needs some encouragement and when her husband is holding her hand. It’s so amazing to watch. She doesn’t need dressing up or extra make-up. She is beautiful from the inside out.