Family Film: The Hyde’s

Family films have been close to my heart since I first started out in film 3 years ago. The first full film I did was of my brother’s family while they were up visiting during the summer. They spend a good amount of time here in the summer and I wanted to send them home with a film that captured all their special places and activities. That film is still something my younger son, Jace watches weekly. It truly is a keepsake. You can visit their film HERE

Let me tell you a little bit about what I look for when planning a family film. My main goal is to show the love that you have for each other….whatever that looks like. It could be soft and sweet with tender moments, cuddles and kisses. It could be high energy with tickle fights and living room dance parties. Or it can be a mixture of both. I like to spend some time talking to my clients about what those love moments look like to them.

Trisha Hyde is a photographer who wanted some family moments in her photography promo film. She talked to me about the things that were special to her and I also captured some little details that as a mother, I always want to remember. We didn’t set out to do a separate film of her family, but there was too much cuteness to fit it all in to her promo film.
Have a look:

I’m working on getting a few more family films in my gallery so continue to check back after the holidays!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2015 - 1:42 am

Mickey - Those videos are simply amazing. You do great work.

Learning from the best : Trisha Hyde Photography

As you know, I am a full time mom to two toddler boys and a part time videographer. I only accept films when I know that we are good fit and that it fits within my crazy life. When Trisha got a hold of me last year, I was pretty excited! Her work is stunning and she is a driven woman. She also has little ones running around her house while she works, so we just clicked. After our first meeting with babies on our laps, we were on the same page. It was so nice to connect with someone that was going thru the same things. Business, editing, kids, our husbands. We could have talked for hours. I am so grateful for her. She has become a wonderful friend and I admire her so much. I truly look up to her and her business. She works so hard and loves her family so much. It’s a choice everyday to try and keep the balance between work and family and though she’s not perfect ( no one is ) Trisha is doing a wonderful job at it all.

When it came to planning her film and dreaming about how it would be, Trisha’s one vision was that it would touch the people that watched it. She wanted it to tug at the heart strings. She wanted it to be beautiful and warm and make you want to call her right after you watched it. On my end, I wanted this film to show you how much heart Trisha has. I wanted it to show how important family moments are, yours and hers. I also wanted it to show what a connection she has to her clients and that she wants lifetime clients.

Watch her film below and check out her lovely work HERE

Maria Vallejo Photography

I don’t even know where to begin with this post.  Which is maybe why I haven’t written it yet.  I have so much love for Maria and her family that words cannot do it justice.  (at least my words because I’m not the best writer)

Maria Vallejo contacted me when I was still pregnant with Travis.  Between working with sports schedules and being too far along in my pregnancy to travel, we had a tough time coming up with the perfect time to actually film this promo.  We talked over the phone so many times, and planned and planned over the months while we waited.   Emails, Pinterest boards, text messages and loads and loads of wardrobe pics we finally picked a date and I was off to Florida!

The second I met Maria, I knew we would be fast friends.  She is so kind, generous and caring and her family is just the same.  We were both SO excited to see all our planning come to life!  We had found the BEST models and make-up artist around and the weather was turning around for us.  We were blessed beyond belief.  The two evenings that we filmed were gorgeous and filled with the most gorgeous light.  And our models were absolutely stunning and made our vision into a reality. I am so proud of this film.  It is so beautiful and will always remind me of my time in Florida with Maria.  Love you my Maria!

Lauren Marie Photography : A Newborn Promo Video

Lauren contacted me about creating a newborn promo film to show her clients her studio space, what it feels like to work with her and show her unique products. On our first meeting, I went to her space and fell in love instantly with her style. She has a beautiful home studio in downtown Fenton, MI. It has so much charm and is set up perfectly for her newborn shoots. It’s a dream.
Her newborn photography is perfection. She keeps it really simple with an organic feel… and that is what we wanted the film to look like.

I feel like that is what we accomplished:)Thank you Lauren, you were so wonderful to work with!
Check out her work here

Lauren Marie Photography from Jackie Palmer on Vimeo.

Rachelle Anne Photography

I know I say this every time… but I had a great time working with Rachelle. What can I say, I have been blessed with working with GREAT people. Rachelle has so much joy coming out of her. From the moment we pulled up in front of her home, I knew we were going to have a great day.
We had gorgeous weather the day of our shoot and the town she lives in near Chicago is to die for! Right on the water, beautiful homes and scenery… it’s a photographers dream town. We made two videos for Rachelle that day. One for her families/kids photography and one for her Senior photography.

I hope to go back to that area again… Thanks Rachelle!!!


Rachelle Anne Photography: Seniors from Jackie Palmer on Vimeo.


Rachelle Anne Photography: Family from Jackie Palmer on Vimeo.